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23 Feb 2018

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Policy

ADSSPACE.CO.UK attaches the highest importance to respect for Your privacy and undertakes to safeguard the personal data that You communicate during Your use of the www.adsspace.co.uk.com site. Such data will be processed in accordance with the General Conditions of Use of the Site.

All capitalised terms which are not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them by virtue of the General Conditions

1 Collection of personal data

With a view to opening a User Account, you will be invited to indicate to ADSSPACE.CO.UK the following information concerning Yourself:

User name (pseudonym)
Valid email addres
s Post code, town

By communicating these Data to ADSSPACE.CO.UK, You authorise ADSSPACE.CO.UK to collect and process the said Data.

You acknowledge and accept that Your data will be transferred to DFI Service SA to be stored on the premises of that company.

Furthermore, You authorise ADSSPACE.CO.UK to collect Your IP address automatically during Your use of the Site and to activate an automatic tracing system (tracking cookie) that You can deactivate by modifying the parameters of Your browser.

You can at any time request ADSSPACE.CO.UK to grant You access to Your Data or to rectify inaccurate or incomplete data concerning You by contacting ADSSPACE.CO.UK at the following address:

Adsspace.co.uk global video ads SÓrl
28 Rue du Grand-Bureau
1227 Les Acacias

2. Purpose of the collection and processing of Your Data

Your Data are collected and processed by ADSSPACE.CO.UK for the following purposes:

the opening and maintenance of a
User Account;
statistics on the use of the Site.

3. Storage and transfer of Your Data

ADSSPACE.CO.UK has its registered office in Geneva, Switzerland. All of Your Data will be stored exclusively in this country on the premises of DFI Service SA, 18 Chemin des Aulx, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland.

This collection of personal data has been notified to the Federal Data Protection and Transparency Office in Berne in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

4 Transfer of Your Data

Subject to the transfer of Your Data to DFI Services SA for storage purposes, ADSSPACE.CO.UK undertakes not to transfer Your Data to third parties without having obtained Your prior consent. ADSSPACE.CO.UK undertakes to obtain from DFI Services SA a commitment not to proceed to any transfer of Your Data without first having received authorisation to proceed to such a transfer from ADSSPACE.CO.UK on the basis of Your prior consent.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, You are aware and accept that ADSSPACE.CO.UK shall be able to dislose Your Data if required to do so by law or if ADSSPACE.CO.UK considers, in good faith, that it is bound to make such a disclosure in order to comply with its legal obligations or a decision of the authorities or in order to protect its legitimate interests. In any such eventuality, GVA 24 will seek to inform You of such a disclosure as soon as possible.

5 Security of Your Data

ADSSPACE.CO.UK undertakes to ensure the highest level of security for Your Data and will take all appropriate steps to protect Your Data against loss, deterioration or abuse. ADSSPACE.CO.UK undertakes to obtain the same commitment from DFI Services SA.

6 Conservation of your data

ADSSPACE.CO.UK will conserve Your Data for as long as may be necessary, bearing in mind the purposes referred to in Article 2 above.

Some of Your Data may be conserved for longer for purely statistical purposes.

7 Age limit

Children under the age of 13 are not authorised to open a User Account with ADSSPACE.CO.UK and ADSSPACE.CO.UK will not collect any personal data concerning children under the age of 13.

By requesting ADSSPACE.CO.UK to open a User Account, You warrant that You are over aged 13 or over.

If You are the parent or legal representative of a minor under the age of 13 who has a User Account with ADSSPACE.CO.UK, please contact ADSSPACE.CO.UK at the following address as soon as possible to enable us to inform You how to close the User Account of a minor:

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